Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Artists who explore Identity

     Jose Bedia

Laurie McClave



 Artist Statement-

"Painting is and always has been a way to express my feelings and views of the world to others, much like a writer of poetry or novels creates a world with words, I create a world of emotions with paint and brush. I have been asked many times if the women I paint are me. To some degree, yes, they are all different subconscious renderings of myself and all iconic images of women throughout art history. Every subject is a different embodiment of woman and our connection to the world we live in. I like to paint strong characters and focus on my subjects eyes to convey a feeling and mood in the paintings, and drawing from culture, both popular and ancient I try to portray what is going on in the current atmosphere, political and spiritually. My work is a mix of old and new, traditional and non traditional elements that I have experienced personally and studied at length (Laurie McClave)."

    Laurie McClaves work has helped me think about identity in many ways. When I create art I tend to create forms that are feminine and when drawing and painting I'm more interested in the female figure. This Is my own proses of exploring identity and representing the pride I feel in being a strong and motivated woman. When I see Laurie McClaves work I identify with it instantly. This has always been the kind of work I want to create, but maybe have been too hesitant to go fully through with it. I aspire to be at her level one day I think her work is beautiful and empowering.
  When looking at the following pieces of work these are some thoughts and feelings that came to mind. The mysticism of a woman, the beauty and purity in women, the seduction and intensity of women, oppression and seclusion, sensuality and lust. She portrays these women in a goddess like way many with confidence and deep emotional impact.
Essential questions
1) Does current social and cultural problems shape our idea of personal identity? and if so in which way?
Identities are influenced by society and culture
2) How can ideas be conveyed through symbolism of animals and objects?
The use of symbolism help convey different aspects of identity in artwork.
3) In which way does our preconception and knowledge about history (including art and politics) effect the message an artist is trying to convey through their work?
Recognizing what the artist is inspired by can change the meaning of the artwork and the idea of identity; through past occurrences and inspirations.
4) How does your beliefs impact your identity?
Through art, some artists can embody their ideal selves and show their viewpoints in a somewhat subconscious way.
5) In which way does expressions of the face and body add to the concept of identity?
Expressions and body language are open to interpretation and can sometimes mean different things to various people.

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